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Photography, Visual Identity, Web Design
Roiivar Creative Studio

Roiivar Creative Studio

Roiivar Creative Studio is a young design firm based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its main focus is on furniture prototyping and small production series.

Recently, Pale Grain was asked to create a new visual identity and branding for the company, including visual supplies for the upcoming exhibition Swedish Presence via Palermo 10 at Milan Design Week.

The task was to focus on the the company’s roots; Scandinavian simplicity and its reliance on honest materials. Guided by this, the project started with photography sessions targeting the natural habitat of the production, and the functionality of the pieces and their textures. Through this observant process, a plentiful insight into the creative process of Roiivar Creative Studio was established.

A simple yet emphatic logo was contrived, characterised by the wood cutting observed in Roiivar Creative Studio’s workshop. For the Swedish Presence exhibition we wanted to keep the focus on materials and textures, so the logo for the exhibition wall was cut out of Valchromat, a coloured wood composite.

Pursuing the visual aspect of this project, which started with the observatory photography, nine unique business cards were created out of a single image. Each business card holds its own ground as well as part of a homogeneous group. This concept invites to interaction by choice between the card holder and receiver.

Two different 6-page folded flyers were also designed to highlight the two main products being displayed at the exhibition. To tie all the ends together, a single-page website was developed, giving the visitor a glimpse of the brand, its products, and processes.