Studio Pale Grain is an independent design studio based in Stockholm, founded in 2013 and led by Mert Sahbaz.

The primary focus of the studio is art direction and photography. Studio Pale Grain can help you with anything from simple concept ideation to more complex design assignments.

So far Studio Pale Grain has worked with art & cultural institutions, musicians, designers and other small businesses.

Whether you are at the very first steps of running your own business, or considering to improve your establishment visually, feel free to contact Studio Pale Grain for any possible work or collaboration in and outside of Sweden.


Fields that Studio Pale Grain can help you within:

Graphic Design
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Web Design
Print Design
Publication Design


Are you curious about what Studio Pale Grain does, or would like to hear more about how it can help you?
+46 (0) 73 727 37 27

Studio Pale Grain
c/o Mert Sahbaz
Råggatan 2, 118 59
Stockholm, Sweden


Internship & Job:

Currently, there is no available position.

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Limited edition photographs, prints & artworks